y i m i n , y i m i n i s m


The changing world is reshaping fashion as consumers are increasingly conscious of the social and environmental responsibilities of fashion. As a response, yiminism, the manifestation of me interpreting fashion as a tranquil and loving way of life with respect to people and nature, is created to provide well-designed, sustainable products for a clientele that spans a wide spectrum of genders and age. 

Fashion, as a medium for expression, is how I explore, process and express my thoughts on my ever-changing life and the world. Through research, I seek strength and reasons to maintain a positive and constructive outlook on life. It is to look at the world through softness and light than through gloom and resentment. Born and raised in China, I also hope to convey my inherent appreciation and interpretation of Chinese culture and its history through fashion. 

Developed out of a deep awe and respect for nature and humanity, yiminism considers sustainability and ethical practices as its fundamental missions. Through yiminism, I strive to contribute to a community that is changing fashion as a force for good.