breathe is a multidimensional contemplations on the fashion system, sustainability in fashion, my place as a Chinese fashion designer, and my emotional/personal/queer life. I invite all of them to take a breath together, in my thesis, and find new directions to move forward to.

Inhale all the moments of life, people that shape who I am, the villagers I met in Jiangxi, China making summer cloth with their hands and care, and the women makers I met at Sri Lankan garment factories working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week…

Exhale this thesis that will unfold in front of you, welcoming your interpretations...


photographer: nick kellman | model: lz


Breathing, is the basic movement of life. It is also a method for maintaining personal balance, an exchange between us and the world, a cleanse, a flow of energy within, and a celebration of life.


Central to the beliefs of yiminism, a sustainable Chinese textile is widely applied and celebrated: Summer Cloth, a hand-woven ramie fabrics made in Jiangxi, China. It is my humble hope to use my creativity to bring out the beauty of this carefully handmade textile and to pay homage to the underprivileged Chinese community behind it.


This thesis is my soft rebellion against a social culture or even school culture that prizes overworking. It is against the mirage of the necessity to conform. It is against a world that places profits and numbers before human lives. It is to prove to myself that I can be a fashion designer that lives up to my own expectations while having a life, as my father put it, as light as a cloud, and as humble as a turtle.