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me, you

and all the things in between…

distance, is a collection evincing my thinkings about people that I’ve loved yet being separated from me… The distance could be geographical, spiritual, temporal or a sense of inexpressible separation… The wistfulness to hold onto a slight moment of intersection of lives, the words that cannot be said, and the inevitable fading of memories, conjure up the mirage of distance











"Her memoir takes off from the assumption that we all know what that kind of darkness is like—it is only, and needs only to be, drawn in the broadest and dimmest of strokes."

All Things Shining by Hubert Dreyfus & Sean Dorrance Kelly


photographer: yuan fang     |     model: dennis li     |     & mengzhu li <3

mark trench coat 100% cotton oxford     |     mark pants 100% organic cotton canvas

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mark scarf 100% linen








"Theodore: Where are you going?

Samantha: It's hard to explain, but if you get there, come find me. Nothing will be able to tear us apart then."

Her directed by Spike Jonze


mark semi bias shirt 100% organic cotton poplin


billow scarf 55% hemp 45% organic cotton jersey


billow t shirt 55% hemp 45% organic cotton jersey


stan shorts | 19.6% waste* 100% cotton twill


stan jacket | 22.8% waste* 100% cotton moleskin


stan shirt | 24.0% waste* 65% tencel 35% cotton twill


tyler semi bias blazer | 7.0% waste* 100% tencel twill     |     tyler pants 100% cotton twill





I will mail you a letter. It will be a blank sheet of paper, but it will be a sheet of blankness from me.



Sustainability Statement | Spring 2017

Fair Wage

Apart from the enormous support from my mentors, this collection was made possible with the assistance of a seamstress. She was compensated 22.50 dollars per hour which is 154% of the New York City living wage according to a study at MIT (http://livingwage.mit.edu/counties/36061). I have also worked with factory which some of its workers’ wages are above New York State minimum wage and some of theirs are above New York City living wage. More research is still in progress…

Organic Cotton

is grown without the use of harmful chemicals such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to reduce its ecological footprint

Hemp & Organic Cotton Blend

The aim to use this type of fabric is to both reduce the harmful chemicals used in its production process and its water usage since cotton is a very water-intensive crop while hemp is not as much.

Lyocell / Tencel

Lyocell (Tencel is its trade name) is a kind of cellulose fibre (close relative to rayon) made from wood pulp. It is produced in a closed-loop system which most of the chemicals and solvents used are in the end recovered and recycled with minimal emission and waste. This production process received the European Award of the Environment from the EU.


I’ve maximized the biodegradability and recyclability of my trims by sourcing buttons made out of natural materials such as shells, wood and metal trimmings.


I’ve experimented with different materials for different situations as interfacings instead of fusible (the most available ones usually contain polyester, nylon or rayon) in this collection. I want the invisible parts of my garments to be as sustainable as the visible. More research and experimentation are in progress…

Cutting Waste

For some of the garments, you can find the percentage of fabrics waste during the cutting process calculated by its weight. I strive to monitor and therefore, minimize it in the future with the help of technology. Leftover fabrics will be turned into pocketing, garment tags, new fabrics or recycled.



*the equation of waste rate is:
(weight of unusable waste**) / (weight of total fabrics bought) - (weight of yardage uncut) **unusable waste refers to fabrics in small and irregular shapes