photographer: yuan fang | stylist: mengzhu li | model: nicco palazzi


the nomads
Influenced by the sci-fi book series, The Three-Body Problem, and several movies exploring and imagining the future of human race and our planet, Yimin places this collection in a narrative which a group of astronauts tracing the origin of the human race in a deserted planet. Thinking about how do we preserve civilization and leave marks of our existence for millions years to come, he is in awe of the fact that the most “primitive” ways (fossils, carving on stone) are the most enduring ways. Also, not forgetting the practicality of fashion in a increasingly global atmosphere, He decides not to design his collections in traditional binary oppositions (spring/summer vs. fall/winter). The Nomads is an all-season collection with an emphasis on layering and therefore the wearers are able to accommodate the different climates and weather from New York to Hong Kong and many more.