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Remake’s Favorite Sustainable Bloggers: There is more than one way to be sustainable, which means, lucky for us, there are so many different sustainable bloggers to follow for inspiration. From plant-obsessed to model vibes, we’re introducing our favorite sustainable fashion bloggers now.

20 Questions With Carmen Gama of Eileen Fisher Renew: Carmen Gama, a Mexican designer from Eileen Fisher Renew, is leading the sustainability movement through designing scalable solutions for fashion circularity. With Remake in Mexico this month to meet garment makers and artisans, we are very excited to sit down with Carmen to share her fashion journey with you.

This Fashion Company Gives 50% of its Profits Away:  One432 is a bold new fashion brand, the brain child of Parsons Professor Ammar Belal that donates 50% of its profits from selling traditional “jutti” shoes to support education and artisans in Pakistan. 

I sat down with Ammar Belal, the founder of One432 and a passionate social entrepreneur, to talk about his holistic approach to sustainability and the complexity of trying to do good things as a fashion company.

Click Image to Watch Online: Made in Sri Lanka: Humanizing the Fashion Supply Chain

Join a panel conversation on fashion’s potential to be a force of social good, which will include speakers from Levi Strauss & Co., Parsons School of Design, and Remake, a conscious fashion movement dedicated to labor justice in the fashion industry. 

The discussion follows the premiere of Made in Sri Lanka, a short film that tracks several Parsons students as they embark on an investigative journey into global clothing production. They travel to factories abroad, meeting the women who make our clothing and exploring mass production.


Is The Battle of Sustainability between Real and Fake Fur Meaningful? This article is not meant to educate anybody on whether real fur or fake fur is more sustainable because I’m actually very tired of these material debates on sustainability that sometimes just don’t have an answer...


To All Fashion Lovers: Let’s Get To Work: This article is published on Remake after my trip to Sri Lanka with them to have a glimpse of the global fashion supply chain.


The Ziran Way of Fashion: Kelly Wang Shanahan on Sustainable Fashion, Preserving Cultural Heritage and a Meaningful Business...